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Full Junk Removal Services




Regarding furniture removal, whether it’s your home or your business, you need to plan and take every precaution when getting rid of those items. In addition, you will need proper moving procedures depending on where you live, how you move in and out, the amount of furniture you need to remove, and the size and weight. Fortunately, Toneys Dumpsters LLC is here to help.

Our professional team has the tools necessary to handle this cumbersome task. Unfortunately, it is widespread during a move for you to find it challenging to eliminate an oversized couch or table or large, heavy appliances across the stairs in your building. In this case, Toneys Dumpsters LLC will assist you with the use of a crane to make the furniture removal procedure more accessible and most safely. Not only for the furniture but, more importantly, for the safety of the company’s staff and you, your family, co-workers, or anyone else around the area during the move. Please take advantage of our specialized furniture removal services in the Quad City Area. Our cheerful and helpful crew will take care of your home and belongings. Contact us at 563-526-3823, and we will be happy to help you.



Are you looking for a company that can remove old and unwanted appliances from your home? Toneys Dumpsters LLC is an excellent choice for your appliance disposal needs. We make sure to recycle or donate the items, so you can feel good about helping the environment while we help you get rid of them. Our team will even haul away unwanted trash in your home, including mattresses, furniture, pool table, dresser, hot tubs, yard waste, etc.!

You’ll be amazed at how efficiently we can remove junk from your home. We always put safety first. All our junk removal professionals are insured to protect against any damages that may occur. You won’t have to worry about accidents or appliances occupying your storage, kitchen, basement, or garage anymore! Plus, you can schedule a convenient time with our competitive rates and flexible scheduling options. There’s no better time to get rid of unused items! Call us today at 563-526-3823 or contact us online now!



Toneys Dumpsters LLC electronic waste disposal service is designed to pick up and dispose of your waste hassle-free. Our team is available and knowledgeable of the latest local, state, and federal regulations to ensure environmental compliance and provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that their waste is being managed safely.

Our universal and electronic waste disposal service includes all labor and materials for adequately collecting and disposing of your waste. We can provide you with approved containers at each regularly scheduled service interval. At the time of pickup, we will label each container for shipment and provide you with all necessary documentation for your protection. You will receive our assurance that the job has been done right.

We are also committed to protecting your assets and giving your company total liability protection when we take responsibility for your waste.



Homeowners often only realize how much debris is on their property once it’s time to clear, and they must remove it. It can be a big problem if you need the equipment to help clean it up and get it off the home or office. There are also safety concerns when removing debris from your building. That’s why it’s best to let an expert handle the job.

Our team of professionals will handle your job. We are not just a debris removal company but also capable of performing many tasks that help clean up and debris removal. Toneys Dumpsters LLC get many calls from homeowners who have bitten off a little more than they could chew each day. Our crew can pick up exactly where you left off and take the stress out of trying to complete a large cleanup project independently.

Looking for professional help to get your property cleared, prepped for construction, or need a new driveway, look no further than Toneys Dumpsters LLC. We provide high-quality service through years of experience.



As your business begins to flow and grow, it can be more detrimental to the business to become consumed with removing junk or furniture, taking valuable time away from the company. Time is an invaluable asset to any business, so sending two employees or more to load items into a large vehicle and ship them to a waste facility can hurt you more than you think. Whether it’s cardboard, paper, furniture, trash, or debris, you’ll begin to notice the need for an honest commercial junk removal company you can trust for your junk removal needs. It is where Toneys Dumpsters LLC can come into play and take these commercial concerns out of your way in a timely and affordable manner.

Our company has fast and affordable commercial junk removal services in the Quad City Area you can trust! Whether you have commercial junk in a warehouse, office, or rental property, we have the necessary tools and muscle to remove it. We’ll haul the stuff out of your building and your property, leaving it clean and tidy. No matter if the job is as small as one item or several loads, we will take the junk off your hands. Items will be salvaged or recycled if possible. Our crew will take trash and debris to the appropriate landfill. Call us or book our services online for junk removal from your commercial property.



It’s incredible how quickly junk accumulates at home. It’s so easy to push unwanted items aside and forget about them, and before you know it, you have attics, closets, and garages full of things you’ll never use again. So often, when you realize you need to do a thorough cleaning, it seems overwhelming. How are you going to move all that stuff, and where? It is where a junk removal service like Toneys Dumpsters LLC can help you. We’ll take care of getting it to you no matter what you want to get rid of.

At Toneys Dumpsters LLC, we make it easy for you to eliminate unwanted items, from appliances and furniture to just about any junk you can name. Plus, you can schedule a convenient time with our competitive rates and flexible scheduling options. There’s no better time to get rid of unused trash! So call us today at 563-526-3823 or contact us online now!


Whether it’s a residential cleanout or a large commercial project, Toneys Dumpsters LLC can offer the right size dumpster for you. So don’t worry about that debris or trash. Instead, keep your business, residence, or construction site free of debris with a sturdy dumpster from our company. The size and depth of a dumpster make it suitable for significant cleanups, debris removal, remodeling, demolition, construction debris, yard cleanup, and renovations after a storm, fire, or flood.

At Toneys Dumpsters LLC, we provide top-notch service for dumpster rental in the Quad Cities metro area. Whether you need a short-term rental or long-term assistance for an ongoing project, our family-owned and operated company can do the job. With our help, you can keep working while we take the trash away. Our service provides an efficient solution for junk removal for roofing projects, demolition, landscaping, and more. Reserve a dumpster in minutes and receive the delivery to your home. We’ll pick it up when you’re ready.



Bulky item collection is a service that contributes to maintaining the cleanliness and safety of communities. Every day, brigades collect large items abandoned at the curb, such as furniture, appliances, and mattresses. However, this vital service is not without its challenges. With the increasing number of people moving into the cities, the Bulky Item Pickup brigades need help meeting the demand. As a result, they remain on the street for days or even weeks.

Toneys Dumpsters LLC offers Bulky Item Pickup in the Quad Cities metro area if you want to get rid of some trash around your home or business. We will come to your location and remove any large items you need to remove, including appliances, furniture, electronics, and more. Our company is fully licensed and insured to give our customers peace of mind, and we constantly strive to provide friendly, professional, and uncommon service.

Call us at 563-526-3823 to schedule a pickup.



When your building is ready for occupancy, the last thing you want to do is deal with the dust left behind. And even if you’ve chosen the best contractors to handle your new construction or renovation projects, they still need to improve at cleaning up after themselves. And that’s because cleaning up after a construction site differs from regular cleanup and requires dedicated professionals.

Toneys Dumpsters LLC offers construction site cleanup services for clients in various industries, from large new construction sites to small remodeling projects. We know that our client’s businesses change, and remodeling or expanding your building as it begins to grow is exciting. Still, it brings a new set of challenges: keeping your building clean throughout the process while maintaining your business operations, for example. Our company has learned that to keep our clients’ buildings as clean as possible, and we must remain flexible with our availability. For example, if construction work takes place during the day, our teams are available before and after office hours to keep your facility looking its best during construction.

Contact us at 563-526-3823, and we will be happy to help you.



When undertaking any home improvement project, it is essential to consider the level of destruction involved. Light demolition usually falls somewhere in between and can often be accomplished without professional help. However, there are some cases where it may be necessary to call in reinforcements.

For example, if the area to be demolished is large or there are complex structures on site, it may be best to leave the work to the professionals. By assessing the level of destruction needed, you can ensure that your home improvement project is safe and efficient.

Are you preparing for a demolition job? At Toneys Dumpsters LLC, we can help you through the process. In addition, we will assist you with the heavy lifting. Our trained technicians have been doing light demolition for many years. Therefore, they can do it all. Then, we’ll help you tear it down and get the junk off your property. Whatever your needs are, we’ll give you a quick solution. Contact us at 563-526-3823, and we will be happy to help you.


When a home is foreclosed upon, homeowners are usually given a deadline to vacate. However, many people find themselves unable to do so within the allotted time frame, and, as a result, their belongings are often left behind. Foreclosure cleanups are no simple task. The house is in complete disarray, and the cleaning company’s job is to make it presentable again. Most of the time, the former owner has left many items behind. These items need to be removed and disposed of properly. Sometimes even chemicals are left behind that can be hazardous. Therefore, taking all safety precautions when entering a home for a foreclosure cleanout is essential. To make your cleanup easier, Toneys Dumpsters LLC can help!

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and attention to detail. Our company understands the unique challenges of cleaning up a foreclosed property, and we are here to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you are a bank, real estate agent, or property owner, our team will work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs. In addition, Toneys Dumpsters LLC is licensed and insured, and offers convenient scheduling and payment options. Contact us at 563-526-3823 to learn more about our foreclosure cleanup services.




Our pricing model is simple and is based on a standard load size model. This means that you only pay for the amount of space your items take up in our truck. You won’t find any hidden charges when you work with our local junk removal experts. What we quote you is what you pay.

When you’re ready to schedule, call us at. 563-526-3823 or fill out our Contact Us form. We’ll give you a personalized, no-obligation quote before moving forward.

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Our main goals are to be environmentally responsible and benefit the local community through donations. This is how Toneys Dumpsters LLC donates a portion of the sales from dumpster rentals to the Rock Island Boxing Club. We also recycle and donate most of the valuable items we collect. We are committed to being an environmentally friendly and green junk removal company in the Quad Cities Area. Our donation pickup service includes sorting, packing, loading, and transporting.

Think about the clutter in your attic, garage, basement, etc. We know it’s tough to get rid of “junk” at times. However, you’ll feel good knowing a portion will be donated or recycled. So what do you have to lose?

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